Soccer Paranoia is a unique online soccer – strategy game. The goal of the player is to create a soccer character and improve its statistics, so it can succeed contracts with famous teams and better income.

In order to improve its statistics the player must to play some mini games and take or loose grades according to his score. If he has a specific amount of money he can buy the right to be a manager, coach or board.

According to the choice of the country he is going to participate to the corresponding championship, while the contracts that he will arrange will have specific requirements and rules.

If he wants to campaign in another’s country championship, he has to buy the right to immigrate. Of course there will be the ability one player to make a contract or be loaned to another team under specific requirements.

Every week there will be soccer games for the local and the European championship and also championship with international teams. The players, the coaches and the manager of the national teams will be choosing by the elections of the participants in each championship in regular time.

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